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ID: 10492 2013 Deloupe T/A Long Neck Jeep Available
ID: 10493 2014 Deloupe 65 Ton Tri-Axle HRGN Lowboy Available
ID: 10494 2014 Deloupe T/A Booster Available
ID: 7956 2010 Deloupe T/A Lowboy Jeep Available
ID: 11128 2014 Deloupe 65 Ton HRGN Ramp Lowboy Available
ID: 9619 2012 Deloupe S/A Booster Available
ID: 9241 2013 Peerless 45 T 16 Wheel Low Profile Jeep Available
ID: 10921 2014 Doepker 24 Wheel LoPro Float Available
ID: 9250 2013 Peerless 80 Ton 24 Wheel Double Drop. Lowboy Available
ID: 9251 2013 Peerless T/A Booster Rented
ID: 11737 2014 Peerless T/A Booster Available
ID: 9868 2013 Deloupe 55 Ton Tri-Axle RGN Lowboy Available
ID: 10313 2013 Peerless T/A Booster Available
ID: 11100 2014 Peerless T/A Booster Available
ID: 10306 2013 Peerless 16 Wheel Live Roll Jeep Rented
ID: 10307 2013 Peerless 16 Wheel Live Roll Jeep Available
ID: 10308 2013 Peerless 80 Ton 24 Wheel Double Drop Lowboy Rented
ID: 10626 2014 Peerless 16 Wheel Live Roll Jeep Available
ID: 10627 2014 Peerless 80 Ton 24 Wheel Double Drop Lowbed Available
ID: 10628 2014 Peerless T/A Booster Available
ID: 10357 2014 Deloupe T/A Jeep w/Long Neck Available
ID: 11155 2014 Deloupe 20 Ton T/A Booster Available


Lowboy Trailers

Oilfield Hiboy Trailers

Oilfield Lowboy Trailers

Sorry, no equipment listings at this time

At Camex Equipment, we rent new and used trucks, trailers and construction equipment. We have a large inventory to meet your specific needs. Fulfill your equipment requirements today, go to work tomorrow and start generating revenue immediately.

We offer competitive daily, weekly, or monthly rates. All power units are a minimum of 1 month rental. Ask about our long-term rental specials.

To make a rental reservation or to get a rental quote contact:


Garrett Jong
Rental Manager
Tel: 780.955.2770
Fax: 1.780.955.5509
North America Toll-Free 1.877.955.2770


Renters must provide Camex with a certificate of Insurance.
Learn more about Camex Financial Services Rental Purchase Options.

  • Online Credit Application
  • General Rental Information
  • Standard Rental Terms & Conditions


Need a piece of equipment and you are not sure if you will have continued work to keep it busy and at maximum efficiency – renting is a great option. There are many reasons why renting equipment makes sense.

Traditional Reasons:

  • Short term projects
  •  Emergency  – equipment breakdown, replacement for equipment being overhauled – maintains high utilization
  •  Try out new equipment before buying
  •  Fill-in while waiting for new unit delivery – maintain trade-in value

Asset and Risk Management Tool

  • Conserve capital – Equipment not working or working at low utilization consumes operating capital
  • Control cash flow
  • Protect bank lines of credit
  • Increase productivity of owned assets
  • Eliminate risk of obsolescence
  • Flexibility – able to adjust quickly to downturns or changing work requirements
  • Transfers risk of equipment ownership to lessor

Benefits of renting vs. buying:

  • Improved job cost accounting
  • Match equipment to job
  • Improves customer image with new equipment
  • Operating and insurance costs are the same as buying
  • Annual contract rental productivity cost is in line with the ownership cost
  • Difference is more than offset by the transference of the risk to the lessor


The only down side to renting is that you are not gaining any equity for your equipment dollar. However, there is a win-win alternative – a Rent to Purchase Option (RPO). Since renting is a good option due to the above features, if purchase after rental seems like a viable option the RPO solution is a great saving for the following reasons:

  • Most of the benefits of rental
  • Rental payments are expensed
  • Equity build up in the unit effectively reducing true rental cost
  • Should always look at RPO when rental is going to be longer than 6 months

With the RPO, you can rent the equipment you need and still gain equity. In the event that you decide you have prolonged work for the unit, you can opt to purchase the rented unit and a generous portion of every rental dollar will be applied towards the purchase of that unit.