Brandt + Warranty = Peace of Mind

Camex Equipment Sales & Rentals Inc. is very excited to announce our latest offering to support our extensive line of trucks and trailers, Truck Master Warranty, extended service contracts for used, commercial heavy duty trucks. 

Peace of Mind

“Adding a Warranty to our full-service program means we can provide our customers with peace of mind when they purchase used trucks from us,” Sue McGregor, VP Sales and Marketing. “We’ve partnered with Truck Master, because they are industry leaders in extended warranty with a solid reputation of customer service. We continue to partner with companies that align with our belief of providing superior customer service.”

Back to Work

“Truck Master Plus extended service contracts are a true mechanical breakdown insurance policy.” says Jeff Dobish, President of Truck Master Plus. “We are dedicated to getting you repaired and back on the road as fast as possible. We work with independent repair facilities that are legitimate businesses with certified technicians. Our claims representatives are all certified technicians to give you the best possible service.”

Since 2013, Truck Master Warranty has delivered the most feature rich, most covered parts, with the highest levels of liability along with competitive labour rates in the heavy truck market.

First in Canada to work with Truck Master

“Camex is a perfect fit for us. In the warranty world, we cannot have a dealer take a truck in on trade without putting that truck through a thorough service process, change the fluids, inspect the truck…make sure it is in tip-top shape,” says Jeff Dobish, President of Truck Master Plus. “Camex, with its dedication to refurbishing used trucks and trailers, means we all get to have a little peace of mind.”

Insured Warranty

Truck Master is the only fully insured, licensed, and registered Extended Service Contract provider for used, commercial heavy duty trucks in Canada.

“All Truck Master Warranty programs are insured, which provides the most customer and dealer protection. In the event of a dispute or if the warranty company ceases to exist, both the dealer and the end user are 100% covered for the term of their contract. All Truck Master Warranty programs are fully insured by an “A” rated insurance carrier,” says Dobish.

“Every contract we sell is underwritten by our insurance provider called AM Trust, AM Trust in Canada is operated by Technology Insurance Company or (TIC).” 

Increase financing eligibility

“Adding a warranty or extended service contract increases the value for commercial equipment lenders,” says Sue McGregor. “After all, its also in their best interest that your equipment stays on the road, building revenue rather than expenses.”

Conditions, Benefits, and Liabilities

  • Trucks must be less than 10 calendar years old (2008 and newer)
  • They cannot have more than 1,600,000 km logged.
  • All vehicles must pass inspection requirements to be eligible for coverage
  • Towing assistance up to $375 per tow and Roadside Assistance
  • Maximum limit of liability $45,000.00
  • Deductible $250

So, what’s covered in a contract?

The Truck Master Warranty Component Coverage includes

  • Engine, Transmission, Rear Axles and Exhaust After Treatment systems
  • Turbo, Injector, Fuel Pump, Water Pumps and ECM are included for the first year
  • Contract terms for 12 months 160,000 km to 48 months and 800,000 km
  • Progressive damage of parts damaged by a covered part
  • Required seals, gaskets and fluids to completed a covered repair
  • Engine block, liners and cylinder head castings are only covered if damaged by a covered part

Watch for changes in our website equipment listings, as they will show extended warranty eligible units.

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