2023 BRANDT H650 | Brandt Truck Rigging & Trailers
Serial #:2BYHN3PP4PD000147
Mileage:0 KM
Front Axle:25,000
1’st Int Axle:
Rear Axle:25,000
Axle Ratio:
Width: 10
Length: 26
Rr Tire Size: 275/70R22.5
Rr Tire Wear(%): 100% Remaining
Fr Tire Size:
Fr Tire Wear(%): 100% Remaining

Hydraulic removable narrow/neck gooseneck, 88″ & 112″ swing clearance without neck extension, swing clearance of 154″ & 172″ with neck extension, 50″ coupler height, 57′ overall length c/w a 10′ x 26′ working deck, removable deck end ramps, knuckle trough cover, Checker plate aluminum front fenders c/w quick detach rear sections, 3″ Fir decking, Removable HMW Fenders, CMVSS air system c/w suspension dump valve & pressure gauge in control box, CMVSS electrical system c/w LED lights throughout including 2 mid marker lights and 4 corner marker lights. Final finish includes a fully sand blasted frame followed up with Zinc primer followed by one coat of Powder Coat.

Drum Brakes Includes….Fully self contained hydraulic system c/w 14hp Kohler EFI engine Includes….Two (2) king pin settings compatible with Tandem & Tri-Drive Tractors. Includes….Hydraulically operated neck extension, Includes….Four (4) swing out wide load lights and rear mounted strobe lights c/w switch in control box. Includes….Steel Inners & ALUMINUM outer wheels Includes….Bridgestone M840 On/Off Road Tires

Unit ID # 15628

2023 BRANDT H650

H650 HRGN Ramp Tri-Axle

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