Now its easier than ever to Rent Heavy Equipment from Camex

You Asked, We Listened

Camex has offered rentals of heavy equipment for almost as long as we’ve been selling it. Winch trucks, Water trucks, Vac trucks, hi-boy and lowboy trailers, boosters, jeeps and dollies, and more.

Our process has evolved over the years, as much as the heavy equipment we offer for sale or rent. We’ve reviewed our rental equipment inventory and program, and present the following updates.

28 Day Billing Cycle

Not all months are created equal. Even when February is having a Leapin’ good year, it still falls short of every other month by at least one day.

Adjusting our ‘month’ to a four-week industry standard term ensures that all rental periods are proportionate, each consisting of 28 days and same hourly allowance. Every power unit has a generous hour allowance. This time allotment will be divided into 28 days rather than 30 or 31. This makes it easier to manage the allowance without running into overages.

Renting with an Option to Purchase? This change creates an additional rental period every year, which will accelerate paying down the equipment.

One Insurance Certificate for the entire year

The insurance industry used to require a certificate of insurance for every daily or weekly heavy equipment rental agreement. This additional step consumed both time and money and was a common gripe for anyone in the rental industry.

We’ve reviewed the mandate and legalities, and worked within the parameters of the insurance industry. To accommodate the demand for reduced paperwork and costs, we are introducing the One Annual Insurance Certificate.

This recovery trailer is available for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Trailer rentals of less than 28 days will require you to only supply your insurance certificate once, as per our requirements. It will be kept on file allowing future daily and weekly rentals of trailers throughout the year without submitting a new insurance certificate. This covers trailer rentals only. Power units require more extensive and specific insurance coverage.

We’ve sharpened our pencils…

The last few years have been very tough for everyone affected by the Energy Sector. Let’s face it, that means every single one of us, no matter what industry we’re in.

We’ve reviewed our rates to ensure that we are competitive and offer fair rental pricing for our daily, weekly and monthly (28 days) rates. Power units have a minimum of one-month rental with a generous hour allowance, so those rates have been considered as well.

We have the heavy equipment rental inventory and the means to get you up and running – on your terms.

Our fleet of well-maintained, late model heavy equipment trucks and trailers, is now dedicated for rentals, with options to purchase through the Rental Purchase Option. In addition to being dedicated, they will be refreshed, with newer equipment phasing out older, as it matures. This provides rental customers with quality heavy equipment, and future purchasers know that well-maintained equipment is hitting our sales yard on a regular basis.

When the question is “To Rent or to Buy”, the answer is Do Both, with our Rental Purchase Option

We are determined to make our flexible RPO program work for you! We will work with you on rental rates that front-load costs during the rental time period, leaving you with a much more manageable buy-out price. As well, we will work with you to keep our Heavy Equipment Rental Rates reasonable while you build your working capital for a buyout.

Now it’s easier than ever to rent from Camex

Garrett Jong
Rental Manager

RENTAL PURCHASE OPTIONS (RPO’s) help you transition when your short-term rental turns into long-term work.





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