Heavy Equipment Rentals

Short term needs? Uncertain duration? Renting from Brandt Truck Rigging & Trailers is your best option!

Brandt is pleased to give you the option to purchase (RPO), should your short-term project turn into long-term work. Rent the equipment you need and gain equity; a generous portion of every rental dollar will be applied towards the purchase of that unit, turning your rental payments into the equity or down payment needed to finance the equipment, all without risk!

We have one of the largest inventories of new and used transportation equipment rentals in Alberta, so you can go to work tomorrow and start generating revenue immediately. We specialize in transportation equipment rentals for the oil & gas, mining, pipeline infrastructure and environmental sectors. We offer competitive daily, weekly, or monthly rates. Power units are a minimum of one month rental, while Trailers are a minimum of one week. For trailers, daily rates apply after the initial minimum is met.

Ask about our long-term rental specials.

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