Renting Heavy Equipment from Brandt Truck Rigging & Trailers

Investing in heavy equipment for your business is a serious decision, with many factors to consider. One of those factors is whether to purchase or rent. For most companies, a mixed approach works best. Heavy equipment that is used most often is purchased, and the less frequent or more specialized equipment is rented or leased.

A major benefit of renting heavy equipment is that it can help you start or get back to work more quickly.

If renting equipment is currently the best option for you, you’ll be glad to know that Camex is here to make it easier. We provide a fleet of rental equipment for short or long-term rentals, with an excellent Rental Purchase Option (RPO) Program.

A Long History of Trusted Service

Brandt Truck Rigging & Trailers has provided heavy transportation equipment rentals to the oil and gas, mining, pipeline and construction industries for most of its 28-year history.

Our rental fleet is now a dedicated suite of quality equipment specifically designed to meet the heavy transport equipment needs of our customers. For a day, a week, a month or longer, you can secure the right heavy trucks or trailers for the job at hand.

Brandt Truck Rigging & Trailers Rentals Manager, Garrett Jong’s vision for this department of Brandt is that we will be a trusted resource for our customers, and the first call they make when updating or expanding their heavy equipment fleet.

“We have a large inventory of new and used heavy-spec trucks and trailers for rent,” says Jong, “So you can go to work tomorrow and start generating revenue immediately.

“With rentals, rental purchase options, and in-house financing, Brandt provides flexible solutions on terms that suit the customers, particularly in situations of immediate need or uncertain duration.”

7 Benefits of Renting Heavy Equipment with Brandt’s RPO program

  1. Large inventory and selection of equipment
  2. Limited maintenance required
  3. Avoid downtime while your owned equipment is in for repair or service
  4. Meet short-term needs or temporary surges in workload
  5. Minimize equipment inventory costs
  6. Assess equipment performance with a trial period
  7. Free up capital or reduce Capex


Whether you are in the market for short-term or long-term rentals, we’re here to make the renting process easier.

Our Rental Purchase Option creates a viable transition from rental to purchase with a percentage of rental fees being transitioned to down payment. And of course, our onsite Finance Manager can help you find the best lease or loan opportunities to make your rental a purchase.

Reach out to us and start a conversation. Give Garrett Jong at Brandt a call.

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