Fuel/Fuel Lube/Lube Trucks  

Fuel/lube combination trucks from Brandt are an essential tool to keep your heavy equipment maintained and operational without having to take the equipment off-site for service. They provide the necessary fuel, lubricants, coolant, and air required to keep your equipment running and well-maintained, while simultaneously providing salvage capability for spent fluids.

  • These trucks are ideal for mining, construction, exploration, and forestry companies with heavy equipment in the field.
  • The fuel tanks are popular among fuel jobbers, as they are highly versatile and easy to operate.
  • Tank sizes range from 1,000 USG (3,700 litres) to 4,400 USG (16,000 litres).
  • Features include LCRII controls with electronic register, quick opening lockable fills, and electronic hose reels.
  • Units are fully insulated and heated for harsh conditions.

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