Tank Trucks  

Water trucks from Brandt are suitable for a variety of services, from water hauling and dust control for the worksite, to potable drinking water trucks perfectly suited for residential, rural, and municipal water delivery.

  • Stainless steel tanks come in a variety of sizes from 100 bbl (16,000 litres / 4,400 USG) to 125 bbl (20,000 litres / 5,400 USG) capacity.
  • Units include internal baffles for smoother, safer transport.
  • Optional sprayer bars and controls can be added to the front or back of the truck, and a hose reel for fire suppression is also available.
  • TC406 code-compliant crude truck haulers are available with 100 bbl to 125 bbl capacity carbon steel tanks. These units feature an oval tank design for a lower center of gravity.

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