Right-Size your Fleet – Trade-Ins and Consignments Welcome at Brandt Truck Rigging & Trailers

What is Right-sizing your fleet, and why is now the time to do it?

Right-Sizing is the process of minimizing fleet size, maintaining capacity and increasing productivity. It’s an effective way to trim costs (always a demand), as well as ensure your investment is working for revenue, not against your expenses.

Maybe you can take three pieces of aging equipment that is only utilized a small percentage of the time, and exchange it for one newer, multi-use piece of equipment, that requires less maintenance time, and works harder.  

Camex is very proud to host one of Canada’s largest and most comprehensive selections of work ready specialized transportation equipment. With 850 pieces of ready-to-go-to-work equipment on the ground or on order, we focus our inventory on the needs of our customers. And our customers need good used trucks and trailers, so we are turning to you to source it. 

We will buy your equipment, take it as trade, or provide you the opportunity to consign. 

Purchases – If your equipment meets our purchasing specs, we will make you an offer, pay you outright and take your equipment off your hands and out of your yard.

Trade-Ins – Maybe you want to reinvest that cash into newer, more reliable, or better-suited equipment. If your proposed Trade-In meets our requirements, and we have something you’re looking to purchase, we will negotiate the value of the trade with you. This can reduce your need to finance the new equipment and will make space in your yard.

Consignment – Maybe you want a better price than we’ve offered and don’t want the hassle of selling it yourself. If you have some time to sell it and your asking price is realistic, for a consignment fee we can take the stress and hassle of selling off your hands. We have the traffic to get you the proper exposure. 


Your Territory Manager will request equipment information, including year, make, model, mileage/hours, specs, pics). They will evaluate your equipment and discuss with you. After the price has been set, you will be asked for the following: Listings Fees, Title, Lien information and arranging for delivery. 

All units will be evaluated by your Territory Manager, in conjunction with our Fleet Management Team. This team has over 50 combined years of experience with truck and trailer assessment and evaluation. 

All Trades and Consignments to be accompanied by:

  • Recent CVIP (Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program
  • Tank Certification (if equipped with Tank)
  • Tank Clean Out Form & Last Contained Documents
  • Crane Certification (if equipped)
  • Consignment units – Theft and Fire Insurance
  • List of Lien Holders

Special notes:

  • Lien holders will be paid out at time of sale before any proceeds transferred to consignor/trade. Letter of No Interest from Lien Holders will be required before the unit will be released for final sale.
  • Trades/Consignments with altered emissions will be scrutinized and may not be accepted for purchase.

Ready to get started? Call your Sales Territory Manager today at 780-955-2770 or 877-955-2770


Daniel Belland, Territory Manager, North West Alberta

Karl Dworkowski, Territory Manager, West Coast & International

Tom Huyghe, Territory Manager, Central and Eastern Canada & USA

Corie Johnson, Territory Manager, North East Alberta

Rita Stegerman, Territory Manager, Central Alberta

Steve Wicks, Territory Manager, Southern Alberta


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