Dump / Gravel / Demolition Trailers

Camex End Dump Trailers come in tandem and tridem axle configuration and are available with different tensile strengths depending on the cargo hauled (building materials, sand, gravel, snow or agricultural produce). New Camex End Dump Trailers are designed for either tandem or tri-drive tractors to optimize hauling capacity. Winch or electric tarps secure the load when transporting.

Camex End Dump Wagons come with quad axles, aluminum or steel construction to be pulled by a tandem or tri-drive dump truck for larger payload.

Camex Side-Unloading Dump Trailers pivot on either side to dump the payload off the side of the trailer.

Camex Bottom Dump Trailers (hopper bottom trailers) are usually used to haul grain, gravel and asphalt for road construction, but can be used to haul other materials. The payload is released through the bottom of the trailer using a clam or cross gate release mechanism.

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