Jeeps / Boosters / Dollys

Camex carries a wide variety of jeeps and boosters, which are necessary to haul heavier loads during road ban season.

Camex tandem axle and 16 wheel jeeps are used in front of (under) heavy haul trailers to maximize the weight capacity of the tractor and pulling trailer. 16 wheel low profile jeeps feature an air-lift 5th wheel to accommodate different deck heights. Single axle jeeps are also available for lighter hauling.

Camex single axle and tandem axle boosters (available with claw, pin or fish-mouth hook ups) are coupled to a lowboy trailer to maximize the weight capacity of the attached trailer.

A Camex derrick dolly is commonly used under a drilling rig mast when transporting or relocating the derrick. Derrick dollies are also used to haul pipe and bridge beams.