Oilfield Hiboy Trailers

Camex Oilfield Highboys (hiboys) or floats are the workhorse of the oil and gas industry. A live roll at the back and a kicker roll in the middle provide fast and easy loading and unloading. The trailers feature lots of ground clearance to handle the rough terrain on drilling sites. Collapsible landing gear and ability to set the neck directly on the ground, allows for the loading of construction equipment. The flat working deck is perfect for hauling rig matting, pipe tubs, wellsite shacks and general oilfield equipment. Model configurations include 24 wheel, 16 wheel, all-terrain, tandem and tri-axle oilfield floats.

Camex Tri-Axle Picker Floats are designed to be attached to the 5th wheel of a picker truck to haul smaller rig components. Sliding suspension allows for better distribution of the weight load on the picker float. Camex Picker Floats are available in 39ft to 48 ft models designed to stay within legal total lengths depending on location.

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