Water Trucks

Water Trucks for sale in Alberta. Ideal for water hauling and dust control on construction, mining, pipeline and oil & gas exploration sites. Tank sizes range from 100 bbl (16,000 litres/4400 USG) to 125 bbl (20,000 litres/5400 USG) capacity complete with internal baffles for smoother, safer transport. Sprayers bars and controls can be added on the front and back of the water trucks. A hose reel can also be added for fire suppression.

Camex Potable (Drinking) Water Trucks are ideal for residential/rural, commercial and municipal water delivery. The stainless steel tanks are available in 100 bbl (16,500 liters/4400 USG) to 125 bbl (20,000 liters/5400 USG) configurations on a tandem axle or tri-axle chassis. They are ideal for servicing portable camps for mining, construction and oilfield projects.

Camex TC406 code Crude Hauler Trucks are available with 100 bbl (16,500 liters/4400 USG) and 125 bbl (20,000 liters/5400 USG) carbon steel tanks. The crude trucks feature an oval tank design for a lower center of gravity and internal baffles for greater stability. New and used units are available.

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