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Vacuum Trucks

Camex All-Terrain Vacuum Trucks feature large floater tires for extreme road and off-road conditions. These units are ideal for cleaning tailing ponds, environmental spills in oilfield, mining and construction.

Camex DOT Code Straight Vacuum Trucks are designed for larger volume waste hauling. They are designed to TC407 code specifications to accommodate hazardous waste. Typical applications include ditch water pumping, removing contaminated soil or hazardous waste spill recovery.

Camex Combination Wash Vacuum Trucks are designed to TC407 code specifications for hazardous waste hauling. Typical applications include drain cleaning, contaminated soil removal, completion services, hydro-testing new pipelines, wash and steam cleaning.

Camex Hydro Excavator Vacuum Trucks provide a non-destructive method of excavation that uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum to quickly and safely expose buried pipes and cables. Ideal for daylighting, trenching, pole and pylon holes, and to service repair pits and because the pump is able to switch between pressure and vacuum, they can also be used for water and debris removal and tank cleanout.

Brandt Truck Rigging & Trailers new and used Camex Liquid Waste Vacuum Trucks are ideally suited for non-toxic liquid waste hauling including residential sewage removal (septic cleanout). The shorter wheelbase makes it easier to maneuver through and around congested areas.

Camex Semi Vacuum Trailers are designed to maximize your hauling capacity and transfer large payloads of waste material. Often used alongside other onsite vacuum trucks to increase efficiency.

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